Gecko ToKay
Gecko Standings Day
Gargoyle Striped Gecko
Gargoyle Motled Gecko
Leaftail Gecko
Pictus Gecko
Electric Blue Day Gecko
Gecko Crested 
Gecko Crested Large Female
Gecko Golden
Gecko Leopard 
Gargoyle gecko babies
Gargoyle gecko adult
gold dust gecko
lined day gecko
fish scale gecko
Bauer's Gecko
orange uromastyx
yellow uromastyx
savannah monitors
Bearded Dragons JR
Bearded Leatherback JR
Chinese Water Dragon
Australian Water Dragon
Rankin's Dragon
Whiptail Lizard Green Male
Whiptail Lizard Green Female
Chameleon Giant Spiney
Chameleon Oustalets Male
Chameleon Oustalets Female
Chameleon Sailfin
Chameleon Veiled Baby
Chameleon Veiled*
Chameleon Panther

emerald swift*
collard lizard
Red headed Agama
jeweled curlytail Lizard
baby albino leo
adult leo.
legless lizard*
Horned toad dragon
red foot tortus  jr
Anole Cuban Knight
Skink Fire
Skink Red-eyed Crocodile
Iguana Red
Iguana Green
Iguana Clubtail
Ameiva Green
Basilisk Green
Sudan Plated Lizard


​milk frog
tiger salamander
Salamander Marbled
Frog Bird Poop
Frog Budgetts
Frog Packman Strawberry*
cane toad
Frog Packman Ornate
Frog Pacman Green
Frog Pacman Teal/Peppermint
Frog Red Eyed Tree*
Frog Whites Tree
Frog blue/whites tree
Frog Flying Blue Tree*
Vietnamese Mossy Frog
Suriname Toad
Tomato Frog
Plains Toad
Tri-colour Albino Frog
Eastern Spadefoot Toad
Albino Pacman Frog
Golden Mantella
Orange Legger Mantella


​emperor scorpion
baby asian scorpion
giant centipede
Moon crab
texas brown tarantula
brown widow
martinique tree spider
orange tree spider
brazilian black tarantula
curly hair tarantula
columbia giant red leg
mexican red rump
orange baboon
straight horn baboon
viet. Earth tiger
Vietnamese Centipede
Wolf Spider
Six-eyed Sand Spider
Salmon Pink Birdeater
Cameroon Red Baboon
Dwarf Bark Scorpion
Texas Sand Scorpion
Mexican Red Knee
Green Bottle Blue
Rose Hair


​bredlis python
Burmese python
Python Macklots
Boa Lipstick
long nosed snake
Western Ribbon snake
diamondback water snake
Boa Amazon Tree
Boa Emerald Tree
Het. snow boa juv.
salmon boa juv.
rosy boa
albino Ball Python
ornate flying snake
rough green snake
Iranian jaya carpet python
King Snake Florida
King Snake Mexican Black
Milk Snake Honduran JR
Milk Snake Honduran 
Sharp sunglow Boa
Nicaraguan Boa
Kenyan Sand Boa
Anery Kenya Boa
Columbian rainbow Boa
Hypo Salmon Boa
Normal Ball Python
Pastel Ball Python
Lemon Ball Python
Jungle Carpet Python
Anery Cornsnake
Snow Cornsnake
Western Hognose snake
Grey Banded Kingsnake
Jungle Blue Ratsnake
Texas Checkered Garter
Oriental Whip Snake 

This animal list represents most of the species that Rare Exotic Pets have available. If we are out of stock we can usually order a specific species quickly.  Rare Exotic Pets has international sources to find what you are looking for. 

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